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Tree Removal


ArboExcellence has the equipment, training and experience to handle the most complicated and dangerous tree removal situations. When we perform a tree removal, a selective cutting or a lot clearing in Sherbrooke or the rest of Estrie, we carefully plan our work in order to avoid damages to existing structures and ensure the safety of everyone. When the space to cut a tree is limited, we usually remove the tree one branch or section at a time with the use of ropes. For the most complicated jobs, we have used cranes, zip lines and pulley systems to move branches from one place to another above buildings or structures. ArboExcellence has never had a request to cut a tree that we were unable to remove.

Our Commitment to Preserve, Recycle and Replant Trees

At ArboExcellence, we are committed to preserving trees and forests whenever possible. When trees must be cut for any number of reasons such as being dead, diseased, or dangerous, we recycle the branches by chipping them for reuse as garden and landscaping mulch, which our clients can choose to keep. In addition, if the client wishes to keep the wood from their tree removal, we cut and split it to their specifications, or we haul it to our wood yard where it is sorted for resale to saw mills and paper mills, or for firewood. Everything is recycled! Finally, we offer to replant trees to replace those that have been removed.

We cut this magnificent 96-year old Eastern Cottonwood. Its circumference at breast height was 25 feet 7 inches.

Our Expert Advice – Tree Removal

In an urban environment, dead trees should usually be removed immediately since the longer they are left standing, the greater the risk of failure causing damage to property or injury to persons. Also, keep in mind that the job of removing dead trees can become more dangerous, complicated and costly the longer they are left standing and decaying. If you have any safety concerns about a tree on your property, have a tree risk assessment made by a professional.

We modified this Stein arbor-trolley, replacing the wheels with skis to haul wood in the snow.

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