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ArboExcellence’s professional team prunes all types and sizes of trees and shrubs. If you have Cedar hedges and fruit trees to trim, or a large mature Sugar Maple that needs a crown cleaning to remove dead, diseased or dangerous branches, we have the knowledge and right techniques for the job. When trees must be climbed to do the work, our climbers have all the required training and equipment for any complicated task. We are fully insured. For any questions about how to prune your trees, call us and ask to speak to Stephen Goddard, Certified Arborist QU-0103A on staff.

The Benefits of Pruning

Pruning trees is not just for looks! It also helps to maintain the health of the trees, prevent future damage to neighbouring buildings as a result of branch or trunk failure, increase air flow through the canopy for disease prevention, and so much more.

Our Expert Advice – Pruning

Young trees normally require some structural pruning to establish a strong arrangement or system of permanent branches that form the crown of the tree. When the trees are young and vigorous, the pruning cuts made are small and the tree has the capacity to heal quickly. The wound soon disappears and the tree is given the best chance to avoid future structural failures.

When an ice storm hits, we move quickly to prune damaged or dangerous trees.

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