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Stump Removal


Why Do Stump Removal

After a tree is removed, the stump that is left behind, depending on its location, can be unsightly and take away from the beauty of your property. Check with your municipality for any rules which may apply (when asking for a tree removal permit), since some municipalities require the stumps to be removed if they are in the front yard. On the other hand, if the stump is near water or on a steep slope, it may be required and wiser to leave the stump and its roots in place to prevent erosion. Another good reason to remove the stump is to be able to replant a new tree in the same spot. Consult with our arborist.

We Have the Right Solution

ArboExcellence will discuss with you what the best stump removal method is for your situation and budget. We can grind stumps where access is limited, and we can arrange to have an excavator dig out the stumps when lot clearing is done on a large area. Let us know if there are any buried wires or pipes. If you have an old Cedar hedge to replace, grinding the stumps after cutting the Cedars is quick and makes a great soil mixture to plant the new Cedars in. When your budget is limited, we can make some creative suggestions, such as covering the stump with mulch and putting a planter on top. For us, the job is not done until we have cleaned up the site. The stump grindings can also be a good soil amendment for your gardens should you wish to keep them.

Our Expert Advice – Stump Removal

Stump grinding is often the most practical method to remove a stump. The equipment needed for this method does little to no damage to the grass compared to the larger excavation equipment needed to dig a stump out of the ground. The equipment used by ArboExcellence can fit through gates measuring only 30 inches wide. Stumps that are left to rot naturally can take decades to fully decay, making stump grinding a good option for you.

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