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Ensuring Your Satisfaction – Chipping and Clean Up

When ArboExcellence’s team performs a tree removal or pruning in Sherbrooke or elsewhere in Estrie, nothing goes to a landfill site. All the branches are chipped, and this woodchip mulch can either be given to you, our clients, or taken to our wood yard for resale. We do not consider the job to be done until everything has been cleaned up to your satisfaction. From the feedback we get from our customers, we stand out from our competitors by how clean we leave the job site. If you have any question about our chipping service, please contact us.

Our Expert Advice – Chipping

Chipping branches is the most cost-effective way to remove them from the property, since once they are chipped, their volume is considerably reduced. ArboExcellence recycles all the branches by chipping them – we never burn them or send them to a landfill site. Once the branches are turned into woodchips or mulch, they can then be given a new use in gardens, landscaping or to create a path. This keeps the carbon stored or locked up in the environment, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases. You have the option to keep the woodchips from the work on your property.

Woodchips sometimes create interesting color layers

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