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In an ongoing effort to reduce waste and protect the environment, ArboExcellence chips all the branches from its tree pruning and removal operations. We then bring them to our wood yard where they are stored and available to be sold. Likewise, the wood that is not chipped gets brought to our wood yard where it is sorted for sale to saw mills and paper mills, or as firewood. No branches or wood are ever burnt just to get rid of them or sent to a land fill site as waste.

Cedar Fence Posts

Depending on what trees we have been cutting, we usually have 6 foot and 8 foot sharpened Cedar fence posts available to buy. It is also possible for us to do custom orders of Cedar poles of different lengths. Call us for more information.


Firewood is a great source of heat and a renewable resource. The standard length for the firewood we sell is 16 inches. We also can sell it in 4 foot or 8 foot lengths, for those who want to do their own cutting and splitting. When you are done burning for the winter, call us to place your order for the following winter’s supply. We can deliver the wood or you can pick it up yourself to save the delivery cost. We also have some poor quality wood to give away for outdoor burning. Call us for more information.


All the woodchips we normally have for sale come from recycled branches from our tree pruning and tree removal operations. We sell them for many possible uses, such as gardening, landscaping, and creating paths. We can do custom orders such as chips that contain only conifers for blueberry growers or hardwood chips only. We try to keep the chipper knives sharp to produce woodchips with a smaller diameter for our customers. You can pick them up yourself or ask for a delivery. Call us for information or to place an order.

Wild Mushrooms

Arborists often have to deal with fungi that grow on trees. This expertise also helps us find wild species of delicious mushrooms that are both edible and possess medicinal properties:

  • Chicken of the woods: its taste is reminiscent of chicken

  • Chanterelle: one of the most popular edible mushrooms

  • Hemlock varnish shelf (reishi mushroom): used in teas and extracts

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