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30 Plus Years of Experience

Professional tree care services rooted in a lifelong appreciation of nature and the great outdoors.


ArboExcellence’s qualified team provides Sherbrooke and Estrie clients with a diverse selection of tree care services. We are continually striving for excellence and professionalism in all we do by keeping up to date with changes in industry safety standards and best practices, while remaining competitively priced. Our clients include individuals, institutions, businesses, municipalities and government departments.


We Do Tree Maintenance

We trim cedar hedges, shrubs and fruit trees to maintain their size and shape. We do structural pruning of young trees, crown cleaning in large mature trees and much more.


We Remove Dangerous Trees

If a tree puts people or property in danger, we have the equipment and expertise to safely remove it.


We Chip and Recycle Branches

After pruning or cutting trees, we ensure the site gets cleaned up by chipping the branches and recycling the wood chips.


We Install Cables to Preserve Trees

If a multi-trunk tree shows signs of failure, a professionally-installed cabling system can save it.

Make the Best Decision

Our courteous bilingual team takes the time to meet with you and find out what your needs are, and give you all the necessary explanations and expert advice so that you can make the best decision for your trees. This first meeting allows us to inspect your trees and to gather the information we need to recommend the best course of action, and to provide a free written estimate. Your free detailed quotation will have separate pricing for each option, such as cutting a tree with or without chipping the branches and hauling away the wood.

Why Choose ArboExcellence

ArboExcellence is a team of professionals dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of trees. As an ISA Certified Arborist (QU-0103A), owner Stephen Goddard has the professional training necessary to propose the right solution. After inspecting your trees and consulting with you, we may recommend that a tree be pruned, cabled or safely removed. As a Commercial member of the SIAQ, ArboExcellence must meet the required qualification standards for the training of the team, comply with industry norms for best practises and safety standards, and adhere to a professional code of ethics. ArboExcellence can be trusted to get the job done right. We are fully insured and can provide references upon request.

Complete Tree Care Services

We provide our clients with a diverse selection of professional tree services. Our services include:

Tree inspection
Disease detection
Tree removal
Stump removal
Lot clearing
Trail and bridge construction
And much more

We are committed to continuing education and learning new skills through conferences and training courses. This allows us to add new services and improve existing ones. In 2017, owner Stephen Goddard took tree risk assessment training and is now ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified. If you have a tree that may pose a risk to persons or property, Mr. Goddard has specialized training to assess the risk. Whatever your needs are for professional tree services, ArboExcellence usually can do the job.

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